8:00 am Traditional Service

9:30 am Family Service


St. Luke and St. Peter Episcopal Church is located in the city of St. Cloud and is a member parish of the Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida which has 73 parishes and 14 missions.

Our history began in 1892 when a small band of English settlers, spearheaded by Lt. Col.W.E.Cadman started construction of our early church in Narcoossee. In 1898, the building was consecrated by the Rev.William Crane Gray. It was named St. Peter Episcopal Church. The colony of settlers drifted apart and the church stood empty for many years.

The mission of St. Luke was founded in 1913, meeting in a social hall till 1930. The Rev.Clayton M. Legge contacted Jane Cadman about using the Narcoossee church and on October 31,1930, the church was dismantled and reconstructed on Florida Ave.  The church was renamed St. Luke and St. Peter.  In 1970 the church was moved in one piece to Illinois and 10th.  In 1990, the church moved from its location in downtown St. Cloud to a beautiful 15 acre campus on Canoe Creed Rd in the southern part of the city. When we moved we were on the southern fringe of St. Cloud, but today our location is right in the bullseye of St. Cloud. We have grown, just as our city has grown.

We look forward to our future growth as Osceola County has been determined to be the 9th fastest growing county in the United States and the area around us is perfect for development.