8:00 am Traditional Service

9:30 am Family Service


There are two levels of membership at St. Luke & St. Peter’s. First, is Baptized membership. You are a baptized member if you have been baptized (it does not matter if it is Roman Catholic, protestant, orthodox), attend worship and give of your time talent and treasure. This type of membership simply is one in which the member herself says “St. Luke & St. Peter’s is my church and I am actively participating in its worship, ministries and giving.” Every person wishing to be a baptized member is asked to go through our short new members class which gives all the participants a basic understanding of who we are, what we believe and how we worship.

The second level of membership is Confirmed membership. Confirmed members are baptized members who desire be not only connected with our local congregation, but to become a member of the wider Episcopal church. Confirmed members go through a ‘confirmation’ class which gives them a deeper understanding of our heritage, our worship, our theology and our life together. Though almost all areas of ministry within the church are open to both baptized members, serving on the Vestry (Church leadership board) and serving on the Altar are resrved for confirmed members of the church.