8:00 am Traditional Service

9:30 am Family Service

Fr. Rob LongbottomRector

The Rector is the head pastor and spiritual leader of our congregation. Fr. Rob came to us in February 2013 and loves St. Luke & St. Peter’s as a family/neighborhood church with a Missional focus transformation through the person and ministry of Jesus Christ. He has been an ordained Episcopal Priest for 12 years and has served in Visalia, CA, Ogdensburg, NY and now St. Cloud, FL. Fr. Rob and his wife Amee currently have three children, two of whom are in the preschool program. Fr. Rob knew from a very early age that he was called by God to lead his Church. He particularly hopes to create a church environment which leads individuals and families to know Christ and to experience and share His redeeming love through the people and ministry of the Church.